Bullerö & Nämdö

Three kayaks and two sail boats to meet at Peters place on Nämdö. Justus, Peter and myself paddled.

We started at Stavsnäs where I saw Ronny on his replacement ferry boat (Tärnan was subject to a fire), but he did not recognize me waving in the crowd.

We took the Runmarö canal and headed east.

Coffee break.

Arriving at Bullerö.

The house we rented some thrirty years back.

The museum.

Towards Nämdö in the setting sun.

And a view of Beatrice Aurore, the most beautiful ship in the Stockholm archipelago.

Peters brother, Ola (one of the sailors).

Barbecue time.

Fredrik and Peter N, early (well...) birds.

Into the Sunday fog.

Another kayaker showed up.

And back trough the Runmarö canal.

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