Another fine Sunday, but the night was cold and there is some new ice.

It was (almost) open water all the way to Hässelby.

Thin ice layer, hardly visible.

Passing Ekbacken.

Yup, that's more ice, better go round it.

Had to break through thin ice outside Råcksta to come across towards Hässelby.

On the west side of Hässelby holme, the fun was over. No way to get through here.

The beavers are out.


First Day of Spring

After just a few days with plus degrees Celsius (a terribly long Winter), we found that the ice is giving in.

It wasn't entirely easy to access the lake.

We had to hack through the ice to reach eastward open water (west of the Nockeby bridge is still frozen over).

At Solvik we reached ice again and could not continue westward. But we could take a break in the wonderful sun.

The ice taketh...

Breaking through ice again on returning...