Kungs Hatt, July 4, 2005

An after work trip around Kungs Hatt. Magnus and I started out from Solvik, the rest of the gang from Kayak Support and we met up off the Ålsten Marina.

Piia, as always in a VKV.

Jonas in a North Shore.

Ulf, following suit in a VKV

And Magnus in his trusted Kajaksport.

Followed the southern shore of Kungs Hatt, with Mälarhöjden opposite.

Magnus, with the flag held high.

George Truly...

...with the camera ready


Västernäs - Spillersboda, July 2, 2005

A day trip from the Västernäs kayak rental.

Visa större karta



..and Magnus, our native guide.

Lunch and a short swim, the water was cold!

George Truly heading for home