Kanaan on Christmas Day

Christmas day, perfectly suited for a kayak trip! There weren't that many of us around this day, but in our small boat house a third enthusiast turned up (although no picture of him). The sandy beach was frozen hard as concrete.

Temperature was just below the freezing point.

Water on spray deck, PFD and clothes frooze.

Yep, that's ice (very thin).

Took a short stop at the Kanaan beach. Had to break through some thin ice to reach it. Passers by generally did not expect kayakers at this time of year. One guy, seemingly less surprised, asked us for an Eskimo roll demonstration... We were not up to it.

Returned passing the Royal palace at Drottningholm in fog.

The only other kayakers we saw this day.


Skanstull or Darkness at the Edge of Twon

We've talked about it for ages, but now was the time. Paddling in the dusk. As the sun sets around 4 pm at this time of year, we started around 3.

It got darker faster than we had thought. Here we are about half way to Skanstull, with Hornstulls Strand to the left.

Passing under the railway bridge.

Spooky and pitch dark at the turning point. But with headlamps and a flashing tail light we had no fears. Photography was more difficult (as so well shown with these masterworks).

Yeah, that's right, the railway bridge again. Knew you would recognize it in the dark.

Where am I?

Passing the new apartment complex at Lilla Essingen.

As long as we paddled in the city, there was really no problem to see were we were going.

But on returning to Bromma, it was really dark. Passing by Stora Essingen on the east side we almost hit a pier. Don't know who was most surprised, us or a lady smoking and chatting in her cell at the pier.


Riddarfjärden in November

We're not going to give up this year, Peter L and I.

It's a gray day, but we don't care. Here moving towards the Tranebergs bridge (in the background).

The new Snap Dragon Hyperhand poogies (the blue glove attached to the paddle) are great. Easy to slide into after a snapshot or snack and keeps you warm, a bit too warm perhaps in this temperature (a few on the positive side of zero Celcius). Thanks Jukka at Sea Kayaking Finland, the only vendor in Scandinavia I found.

Into the Karlberg channel.

Söder Mälarstrand.

The Långholmen channel.

That's was it.


Saltsjöbaden, Back and Forth

Wanted try something other than the usual lake Mälaren day trips, so Peter L and I went out to Saltsjöbaden. Upon getting ready to launch found I had the wrong spray deck with me. So Peter took a solo paddle for an hour before I was back, appropriately equipped.

We paddled north of Älgö and around Gåsön. Windy and some sea, but great.

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden


Gällstaö with Two Buccaneers

You've seen it before, a day trip around Kungs Hatt for Peter L and George Truly. This time to the boat club islet off Gällstaö. A snack there and back. Premier tour for the new Buccaneer model.


Sollenkroka - Furusund

Expediton time again. Peter L, Peter N, Magnus and myself. This my stuff.

We headed out from Sollenkroka on Wednesday night. Here Peter N is headed for Sollenkroka island.

We moved north between Ängsholmen and Samsholmen. Continued west of Hjälmö and further for our first night. The skies showed that a thunderstorm could be headed our way.

Our first campsite.

Thursday provided a strong SW wind and sea. As the forecast showed continued strong winds, we decided to skip the eastward route and go for the more sheltered one. Here Peter N (Mr Prijon) and Magnus (Mr Kajaksport) has reached calmer water after crossing over to Svartnö.

Heading for the sound between Träskö and Svartnö.

The islands here are heavily exploited with an abundance of summer houses.

Through the channel north of Träskö.

Contemplation before passing the windy part north of Korsholmen.

South of Ingemarsö.

Tail winds as we head for Finnhamn on the NE side of Ingemarsö.

At Finnhamn we rented a hut. Here Peter N is giving a speach in celebration of my birthday. Thanks guys!

Friday morning and the forecast says Saturday will be bad and Sunday terrible. We start discussing cutting it short and skipping Sunday. But today is brilliant.

Where am I? Peter checking out the GPS as we leave Finnhamn.

Paddled east of Skäret and Lundö...

...and into Klint sundet.

Just proving that George Truly was there too. Not like those "solo"-expeditions to Mount Everest were you wonder who is filming the struggling adventurer.

We had lunch at Själbottna. Here the Peters are rescuing their stuff after the local ferry boat has passed.

A concentrated Magnus.

Found a campsite south of Ängsö. Ängsö is a reserve and no camping allowed.

Magnus, tonights chef, needs lots of paraphernilia.

Sunset in August. Can get much better...

...well, maybe a bit.

"A red night, a sailors delight". Well, in fact the forecast kept saying that Sunday would be awful. So now we decided to cut Sunday out.

Saturday was cold and moist, but we visited Ängsö.

Bird sanctuary, no visitors up til Aug 15th. We passed the day after, lucky us (but no visit anyway).

We passed the shipyard at Högmarsö.

Through the narrow sound between Högmarsö and Aspö...

...and headed for Furusund, where Peter N has a summer house with his parents and sister.

Ended the trip with a nice dinner at the restaurant in Furusund.

Stayed the night at Peters place and were picked up in pouring rain on Sunday a.m. Glad we choose to cut Sunday off the tour.