Gryt Archipelago, Aug 17-21, 2005

From Fyrudden via Harstena, around Lammskär and back. Peter L, Peter N, Per, Magnus and myself, "George Truly" enjoyed this wonderful trip.

Drove down in the afternoon and packed the kajaks at Fyrudden. Here is my Calypso and Peters Buccaneer.

After a nice evening we camped south of Fångö, got there just in time before darkness.

Heavily loaded, and edged(?), kayak with George Truly at helm.

The second day provided beautiful calm seas. The ripple below is how bad it got.

Here's brother Magnus struggling in the waves - not much. I hadn't learnt to clear off drops of water on the lens at this time - thought I could rely on the water tight protection, stupid me.

Said so, not that deep in the water without edging.

After a couple of hours we reach Harstena...

...and have a chat with the locals.

It doesn't get much better than this.

After lunch at Harstena we continued north with nothing but the sea eastward. And, well alright, there was a bit of sea.

Night camp at Kupa Klint.

Nutritious and well tasting dinner being prepared.

Peter N hacking away at some poor vegetable...

..while Magnus enjoys the show...

...and Per and Peter L relaxes.

As so often, a scenic evening in baltic archipelagos.

Here's Peter N in his see-through Prijon Kodiak. We countinue north and keep in the outer parts of the archipelago, well off the highways.

Per, the aussie, enjoys life in the old country.

Peter L is preparing a snapshot, or is that a candy bar?

Closing in on Långa Skäret...

...where I tried out my sail in that good aft wind. Great fun.

Then we headed east for Arp-sund and lunch and the mandatory swim. Here we are on the east side of Skögsböte.

Per contemplating were we should put up for the night.

Friday night, a workweek is finished, so Ulf and Piia joined us for the finale.

Rested and young, Ulf and Piia racing, or?

Last night, nice camp site - huh?

Relaxing on the cliff, too early for dinner - Piia, Peter, Magnus and Per.

Magnus is the chef tonight.

"The early bird catches the worm", sun rise of the last day.

Towards civilization.


Kungs Hatt, July 4, 2005

An after work trip around Kungs Hatt. Magnus and I started out from Solvik, the rest of the gang from Kayak Support and we met up off the Ålsten Marina.

Piia, as always in a VKV.

Jonas in a North Shore.

Ulf, following suit in a VKV

And Magnus in his trusted Kajaksport.

Followed the southern shore of Kungs Hatt, with Mälarhöjden opposite.

Magnus, with the flag held high.

George Truly...

...with the camera ready


Västernäs - Spillersboda, July 2, 2005

A day trip from the Västernäs kayak rental.

Visa större karta



..and Magnus, our native guide.

Lunch and a short swim, the water was cold!

George Truly heading for home