A fantastic Fall day, 14C and no wind. Peter and I went out to Horisontkajak at Norråva and paddled north.

Stopped for short lunch break at Jolpen, the club site of Storebro boats.

Nice place at the east side of Lådna.

At the south side of Lådna

I said so, a beautiful day.

Returning to Norråva in the setting sun - impossible to see where we were going, but got there.


Last day of Summer?

A warm and wind free day this first weekend of September.

Here is Peter with Grönviksvägen in the background.

Lots of motorboats out, we hope they will soon leave the lake to us kayakers. But this is a beaut.

On the south west side of the Kungs Hatt island, a nice little cottage at the top of the hill.

Another boat that a kayaker can appreciate.

Returning to base, the sun seems to be done for the day.