Bällsta River

A frosty morning...

...but another beautiful Fall day.

Went through the canal into Lillsjön.

Algae on the move despite the cold water.

Continued into the new developments in Bällsta river, the Marabou area.

Hit ice, and had to turn around.

Fall is definitely here, soon all the leaves are on the ground.

Ulvsundasjön at its best.

Finished off by rounding Kungsholmen and Långholmen. Choppy sea going west, fun.


10-10-10 Fire & Water

October 10th, 2010. So far a good day. This group had a barbecue party on the lawn of something...

A day when Fall has definitely come and the wear of many summers is showing on boats too.

Towards Liljeholmen.

Yet another forgotten past beauty...

Skanstull with its wind mill and many elevated bridges.

A quick coffee break.

The bridge to Reymersholm.

...and Långholmen.

Towards Fredhäll.

Fire in the trees.

Peter is capturing...




Long time no see, Peter's back.

Windy day, so we followed the Bromma shore line.

Last weekend before most boats are brought up on land. Here's an old beauty.

And a another.



The lumbago ("ryggskott") gone. Life returns when I still felt good close to Alvik.

The Traneberg bridge.

Moving into the Karlberg channel.

The city is in there.

And here's the Karlberg palace.


The city hall.

Norr Mälarstrand.

Steamship with the last of the summer tourists.

Underneath Västerbron.

A petrified crane at Stora Essingen.

This guy is also seeing the end of the (fishing) season. Had a dry suit on his wish list.