Kyrkviken, Lidingö

A relaxing trip with Per in "old Dusty" (his kayak had spent a couple of years in his garage).

Expected a sunny day and used sun screen for the first time this year.

Calm, slow and beautiful (not only Per, the environments too).

Rounded the Svanholmen island, famous from detergent ads?

Passed the Ericsson 3 and 4 boats from the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-9. Retired now?

...and finished off with a weedy visit to Ekholmsnässjön.


Sleepy Time

First official day of vacation. A quick exercise run around Drottningholm palace.

The wheater was undecided, kept people off the lake. Felt unreal.

Cruise ship bound for the palace.

The southern shore of Stockholm suburbs, Mälarhöjden.


Under Stockholm Bridges

Another run around Kungsholmen and under 16 of the Stockholm bridges.

Starting from Solvik, the first bridge is the tram-bridge between Stora Essingen and Alvik, Oxhålsbron.

Next is the Tranebergsbron bridge.

Then we passed the Karlbergsbron (or is it called Huvudstabron).

Here is the Ekelundsbron, a walkway between Kungsholmen and Karlberg.

The we passed St Eriksbron, Barnhusbron, the three Kungsbroarna (including the walkway), Klarabergsbron and Stadshusbron which got us into Riddarfjärden and across to Södermalm.

Paddling between Långholmen and Södermalm, another three bridges are passed, Pålsundsbron, Västerbron and Långholmsbron (Peter is contemplating the last of those).

After a short break at the Långholmen beach we continued in the late night sunlight.

Passed Mariebergsbron and Fredshällsbron that connects Lilla Essingen with Fredhäll.

And had a second shot at the Oxhålsbron bridge before returning.