Båvern, August 20-22, 2004

The kayaktrip Peter L and I planned for the Stockholm archipelago changed to the Båvern lake due to stormy weather.

Visa större karta

We started at the beach east of Sparreholm.

Due to the late start, put up camp after 1.5 hours in fair weather.

A night cap...

...before checking the kayaks didn't drift off (fat chance).

Saturday started our with a drizzle.

We paddled East-South-East.

Towards the 223 road.

Where we turned back.

Now in improving, but very windy weather.

Did not need to spend energy in following winds for a while.

After turning into the wind and struggling for an hour, we turned back for camp.

This is the same place where Peter had a pal camping with his son the next weekend. They woke in the middle of the night and heard screams close by and someone thrashing through the woods. Didn't dare to move. The next morning they found a body floating in the water. Showed up it was a drug addict who had drowned after hitting his head on a rock when falling into the lake in the dark.

A beatiful evening, but lots of wet stuff.

Last day was less windy.

As Peter was more fit, he could idle away in the sun.

Packed and heading home to return Peters rental kayak.