At last, Spring

Temperatures around 10C with Valpurgis night tomorrow.

Lots of people busy with getting their boats back in the water after the long Winter.


Munsö in a drizzle

Sunday April 22 and a few degrees above the freezing point. The weather services promise that Spring will arrive next weekend - again.

Peter and I drove out to the far end of Ekerö, Munsö, and found a good spot to launch from. A light rain and fog kept us company most of the day.

The nowadays trusted Northern Lights  three-piece Greenland paddle.

We had forgotten our maps. A GPS is not too easy to navigate with giving our eyesight and this weather.

A discussion about the wildlife, the crocodiles Freya encountered in Australia and the kayaker killing swan. We kept off shore after that.

Ah, time for a coffee break out of the wind.

Nice and quiet. Few boats and not a single kayak except us.

Kayakers 2, eagles 1. But it was faster than the photographer.

Trying to find the direction for where we parked the car.

And the drizzle returned.


Winter's Gone

At last!

After goofing around for an hour and a half last week, not finding the middle part of the paddle - here we go again. (The thing was, surprisingly, already fitted to the paddle, but so was the storm one at the other paddle half - so the two halfs didn't fit. Sigh...).

The snow that fell Friday night is still there at the Ängby beach.

Sand och Grus AB Jehanders

Poogies, good for your hands and a great grip of the paddle.

Ljunglöfska Slottet at Blackeberg.

Happened upon some ice, it will not last another hour.

Showing off.