Around Bussholmen (2)

Took Anders and went clockwise this time.

Saw a cruise ship bound for Finland.

Morning of the midsummer day, so very quiet.

Risk for rain, but it came later. Hot inside.

On this second try, we found the right directions.

And even avoided the first water skier of the day (isn't that 80's stuff?).


Around Bussholmen

Visited Mia and the grandchildren at the rented cottage. Took Mia out for her first trip in over three years.

A nice afternoon.

We intended to round Sundholmen...

...but went around Lilla Svansen instead...

...and returned the same way we came...

... after some confusion.

We missed the Royal wedding, but here are the fighter jets on their way in to Stockholm in celebration of the event.

Mia got a good exercise.

Returning to the so called "road house".