Beautiful day.

Crossed the lake and turned towards the city with the wind in the back.

Under the Essinge highway.

Passed Rejmersholm with leftovers from the aquavit plant.

How bad can it get? ("Bad" is Swedish for bathhouse).

The Södersjukhuset hospital.

Turned around into the wind at the Skanstull bridges.

A hard winter?

Took its toll on the old railroad bridge too.

Went into the canal between Rejmersholm and Södermalm. Lots of busy people, one of the big weekends for getting their boats in the water after the long and cold winter.

And the quiet of the Långholmen canal.

Back under the Essinge highway.

Fredhäll on the rock and in the sun.

Passed nicely situated apartments at the Essinge island.

And the view of the Tranebergs bridge.


No photo evidence

Forgot the camera today. Nice trip around the Essinge islands and Kungsholmen. Warm with the wind in the back, but chilly in the head winds. Lots of people busy in their various neighborhoods cleaning up the lake front and parks - good!


Season premiere - on the rocks

The ice has finally withdrawn after the longest winter in many years.

The weather was favorable, which cannot be said for yesterday.

Guest artist, Leif came along.

Peter and Leif.

Natures wonders - the painted cliff.

Peter contemplating the warming sun after the break.

Passing under the Drottningholm bridge.

Leaving the royal palace behind.

Doing an eskimo roll to shoot the ice from under water?!

Playing in the quickly melting ice.

What a day...

An uncommon sight in those waters.