Riddarfjärden in minus 7 C

There's a cold front coming in with expected -15 centigrade temperatures. As the lake is not frozen yet we wanted to enjoy it before the skating season. Temperature was -7, but it's not that bad as the water is at zero.

We played in the thin ice outside Smedslätten.

At Kungsholmsstrand, the city dumps snow from the streets.

Passing under the Essingleden highway.

The kayak heavy with ice and the water thick and syrupy.

You keep warm in the dry suit, but the feet are cold.


Fjäderholmarna & Gamla Stan

Still no sign of snow. Continued gloomy and wet. Put in at the beach by Villa Källhagen and took the Djurgårdsbrunns canal. Met by Jascha who filmed us.

Continued through the canal and under the last bridge by Sjötullsbacken.

Decided to round Fjäderholmarna. Here with Lidingö in the background.

The restaurant at Fjäderholmarna looked deserted, but may live up for the smorgasbord at lunch time.

Returned on the southern side of Djurgården and passed Blockhusudden.

Bliss, the sun came out...

...and brought out smiles.

The inside of Beckholmen is like returning to long passed times.

Here's Gamla Stan...

...and the af Chapman hostel.

In agreement, a great day.

Rounded up with Strandvägen...

...and Diplomatstaden.


November again

I.e. gray, rain in the air, but not freezing.

And Peter was back - so I did not use the self-portrait mode.

...except for, this one.

Drottningsholm palace, the home of the royals.

Yeah, it's dark this time of year over here (this is around 1 pm.)

Passing Björnholmen.

And then it's over for this trip (this is approximately 2 pm).


At last a day with no rain

After a terrible start of November with rainy wet streets and darkness - today was sunny.

Rounded Lilla Essingen.

Crossed Riddarfjärden and went into the Karlberg channel.

Lots of strollnig people.

Open waters a bit windy, but nice and quiet as so often here.

Passed the house boats at Huvudsta.

And returned via Alvik.


Chilly Halloween

Read the interval shooting instructions better this time.

150 pictures of yourself, boring...

But the day was fine and the wind cool.

Followed the northern shore of Kärsön.

Passed the Drottningsholm castle.

Quiet day, met only two happy paddlers and a few motor boats.


Cool Kungsholmen

A cool and foggy morning...

Tried out the new Sticky Pod (see ad top right), but need to study the interval shooting instructions for the camera again. A single picture before the break was not planned.

Luckily, Peter brought his camera.

We started in 1 C temperature and fog, but it soon cleared up to a beautiful Fall day.

Plenty of active with people loading getting their boats on land for winter.

Here is Fredhäll...

...and Alvik.

Before returning to Solvik.