Four, Three, Two, One

The Four musketeers planned a three day trip in the Soderarm archipelago this weekend. But Peters moving to a new apartment in October, so naturally he had to skip. The Three musketeers concluded that there were warnings of high winds and thunderstorms, so we skipped Friday. Come Friday and rain that was said to go on all over the weekend so the other Peter skipped too. The two muskeeters, Magnus and George Truly, decided not to camp in the lousy weather, so we were down to one day.

We started out from Spillersboda....

...in good spirits.

It was raining ... and raining.

Went east to Furusund and then south around Högmarsö.

We found the hidden, narrow passway.

And as it rained, there was a shower. Soggy sandwiches for lunch in stinking reed at the west side of Högmarsö. (Reed is otherwise the manufacturer of my new beautiful spray deck).

It was a nice trip, but camping in rain - nah, not this time. Returned to Spillersboda and saw this house who seem to have seen better times.