Still Below the Freezing Point

Got to take every chance before the lake freezes over. Today at or just below the freezing point again.

The new paddle continues to behave well.

Head winds going west, so a coffee break was well deserved.

First glimpse of the sun this day.

Think Peter is a bit envious although his pine paddle allowed him to use poogies.

Grönviksvägen with the villas as we are returning.

Dusk - well it's 2:30 pm, that is to be expected this time of year.


Greenland mood

Took a day off work to try out my new three-piece carbon fibre Greenland paddle from Northern Lights (http://www.northernlightpaddles.com/the-paddles/). Today was less windy and the sun was to show up. Temperatures around the freezing point.

More or less the first time I tried a Greenland paddle, but I have read up on how to use it.

The paddle is really beautiful, smooth and with a perfect grip. Even considering I had to wear gloves due to the temperature.

I think I managed decently. Taking my time, I am doing the same speed as usual judging by the GPS (i.e. 5-7 km/h).

By now you recognize the royal palace, right?