50 Shades of Grey

+2C and overcast (as usual this time of year).

Quiet at Drottningholm.



A damp day, but we drove out to Rastaholm.

Eagle spotting. Here's one (of two) who is just leaving...

Coffee break at Birka. Not a viking in sight. Well equipped barge.


Wet, wet, wet.



This years expedition suffered from too many work related excuses. Peter was able to take a day off, and we headed out for a two and half day trip at Stendörren.

Loading up.

We headed south east.

Peter spotted a whale(?)

First lunch spot at Enskär.

Rounding the south end of Enskär.

First sight of an eagle.

Went north towards Hartsön.

Second eagle...

...and third (do you see them both?)

Jellyfish, plenty of those around with all the algae.

Had another break and a swim (only the second one this summer).

A few drops of rain.

After a long search found a place too land for the night at Fågelskär.

The next day we headed east to Lacka.

Nice island with a church, but very few other buildings.

After Lacka, we went north east towards Persö.

Persö has interesting rock formations.

After Persö, the wind got stronger and it was a (little) bit of a struggle to head west towards Sävsö.

The restaurant was full of people, so we passed it by.

Found another island for camping near St Våmba.

Peter contemplating the last night of this trip.

A very early morning (after another very early night).

Breaking camp.

And headed back. (To work for Peter, but I've just started my vacation.)