Brought brother Magnus out for the his first paddle this season.

We got an early start in order to avoid the winds that were scheduled for the afternoon.

Passed a cormarant (sv skarv) infested islet. An eagle was there, but not your photographer. We went against the waves and the rising wind.

Not too deep just before we tried to go south, but had to turn around and surf back the way we came.

Totally impossible to keep the direction going sideways into the wind and waves - so here's surfing.

After a coffee break, calamity behind the island.

Dared a shot when getting closer to the landing and with a bit less wind and waves.


Tyrislöt - Where eagles dare

Peter and I went south to the St Anna archipelago, to Tyrislöt for a weekend.

The first day we paddled north east, north of Missjö.

Spotted our first eagle this Spring.

Stopped just south west of Högholmen.

First coffee break.

There are a lot of island with bird sanctuaries in this area, and all them are off limits this time of year.

Did not prevent us from seeing a number of eagles though. Here is number two...

We passed Långa Skäret in the east and turned back at Arpsund.

...chased by angry seagulls.

Inre Kärrö, another piece of nostalgia.

Second coffee break.

Around Gimmelsö, just for the exercise.

And inside Skinnsholmarna.

Back at Tyrislöt, with the store.

Our cabin, said to take five people, glad there's only two of us.

A new day.

Peter is happy...

...and so is George Truly.

Saw another eagle (jawn), but it didn't stick on film.

We've been here before too.

A break at Kupa Klint.

View over Stora Svensö.
We went due east and then against the north eastern wind...

...to be able to relax going with the wind back.

A great weekend!